Photochromic High Transmittance Heat Insulation Window Film

Short Description:

This product is an intelligent photochromic PET window film with high transparency and heat insulation. Under the irradiation of sunlight and ultraviolet light, the window film can darken quickly and when return to the dark place, it can restore high transparency soon. Through automatic adjustment of visible light transmission, keep the internal space light at an appropriate level all the time. By coating photochromic heat insulation material on the surface of PET base film, the window film has dual functions of automatic discoloration and heat insulation. This film is self-adhesive and can be directly pasted on the surface of base materials such as glasses and etc.

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Product Parameter
Code: 2T-P7090-PET23/23
Using layer thickness: 65μm
Structure: 2ply(Laminated with photochromic heat insulation solution)
Visible light transmission change range: 70%-40%
Appearance: Sage green
IR blocking: ≥90%
UV blocking: ≥99%(200-380nm)
Width: 1.52m(Customizable)
Adhesive: Pressure sensitive adhesive

Product Feature
1. High transparency,high clarity.
2. The response speed of changing color is fast, and repeated changing color does not decay.
3. Color changes automaticly all day long, day and night, sunny, cloudy, rainy and other weather.
4. Strong weather resistant, long life.

Application Field
-Used for building glass, such as shopping malls, schools, hospitals, business office, homes.
-Used for automobiles, ships, aircrafts and other vehicle glasses.
-Used for sunglasses, face masks, etc.

Application Method
Step1: Prepare tools like kettle, non-woven cloth, plastic scraper, rubber scraper, knife.
Step2: Clean the window glass.
Step3: Cut the exact film size according to the glass.
Step4: Prepare installing liquid, add some neutral detergent into the water(shower gel will be better), spray on the glass.
Step5: Tear up the release film and stick the window film on the wet glass surface.
Step6: Protect the window film with the release film, remove the water and bubbles with the scraper.
Step7: Clean the surface with dry cloth, remove the release film, and install it.

Package and Storage
Packing: 1.52×30m/roll, 1.52×300m/roll(Size can be customized).
Storage: At a cool, dry and clean place.

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