Fabric grade nano copper masterbatch antibacterial anti virus masterbatch

Short Description:

This product is fiber-grade copper ion masterbatch, which can be used for yarn through drawing process. Copper ion has strong adsorption sterilization ability, which can absorb ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, VOC and so on, at the same time, it has excellent killing ability to the microorganism, which is especially suitable to weaving socks, shoes lining, clothing, etc.

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Good spinning ability, 75D/72F long or short filament, no obstacle;

Remarkable effect of antibacterial and deodorization, bactericidal rate up to 99%;

Environment friendly, no toxic and harmful substances.


It is used for development of antibacterial deodorization fiber or fabric, such as sportswear, sports socks, shoes, carpets, curtains, etc.


Adding ratio(weight) is suggested 5%, mix evenly with common fiber-grade plastic slices, and produce as the original process. We can provide a variety of polymer materials, such as PET, PA6, PA66, etc.


Packing: 25 kgs/bag;
Storage: in cool, dry place.

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