Anti-laser film Anti-eavesdropping film Privacy protection film Infrared blocking film

Short Description:

Appearance: blue and transparent

Visible light transmittance: 55%-60%

Laser blocking band: 800-1550nm

  • Size: 1.52*30M
  • Color: Blue
  • Price: 1200USD/roll
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    Anti-laser principle:

    Anti-laser film

    Common targets of laser monitoring
    Curtains, clothes, beverage bottles, paper cups, books, pumping paper, paper, desk calendars and other paper products

    Soft wall decoration, decorations, green plants, table lamps, non-solid objects, such as refrigerators, TVs and other furniture

    Wooden door, anti-theft door with iron sheet, etc., home furnishing with thin iron sheet, projection screen, etc.

    Cleaning tools and other debris

    Unable to prevent laser monitoring facilities
    Ordinary curtains, recording jammers, glass, multi-layer glass, colored glass

    Ordinary glass film, mechanical vibration device installed on the glass

    Anti-laser eavesdropping solution
    Laser wiretap blocking film
    Pasting a laser wiretap blocking film on the glass can block the wiretapping laser and achieve the laser wiretapping protection effect of “drawing from the bottom of the pot”.


    Product name: Anti-infrared laser film

    Code: 3P-T60100

    Structure: 3ply

    Appearance: blue and transparent

    Visible light transmittance: 60%-70%

    Laser blocking band: 800-1550nm

    Width: 1.52m (customizable)

    Installation glue: pressure sensitive glue

    Function: Absorb infrared laser to protect privacy.

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