Anti-laser anti-eavesdropping film-FHM-02

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FHM-02 is the upgrade of 3P-T60100, providing a higher laser barrier rate. At the same time, it is more in line with the market demand, and the color is adjusted to blue to distinguish it from the first model.


  • Anti laser film: IR shield 99.9%
  • Eavesdropping prevention: Anti-eavesdropping film
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    It is made of super wear-resistant PET protective film and multilayer film compounded with nanowave-absorbing material with specific wavelength by special process. This specific wavelength nano-absorbing material adopts the composite absorption principle (absorption+reflection), which overcomes the problem that the film is difficult to achieve high OD value. The product has excellent characteristics of wear resistance and aging resistance.

    Test report:


    *It is simple, fast and reliable. It is as simple as car film. The on-site DIR film can be realized. Large laser protective window can be easily realized.
    *Make your protective window a truly safe window that is both laser and shock resistant.

    It has been upgraded on the basis of 3P-T60100 and has stronger optical performance indicators.


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