Functional Window Film

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4J-G5400U99-PET23/23/23 laser protective film is made through nano-grinding and multi-layer optical coating process. Absorbing and reflecting some special waves, to block about 99.9999% laser, while keeping high transmition of visible light.

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Product Parameter
Code: 4J-G5400U99-PET23/23/23
Using layer thickness: 120μm
Structure: 3ply
Appearance: Transparent, light blue
Visible light transmission: ≥55%
Laser blocking wave: 1550nm(940nm,1064nm, etc. Customizable)
Width: 1.52m(Customizable)
Adhesive: Pressure sensitive adhesive

Product Feature
1. With UV anti-scratch,easier to clean than coated glass.
2. Nano inorganic coating is in the middle of the film, won’t fade like coated glass.
3. Block any angles’ laser, not only the direct light.
4. Multifunctional,it’s useful for most of the Infrared.According to customers’ requirements,we can choose the given wave of UV,IR,Visible Light to absorbe.
5. Safe and anti-explosion. Much better than the friable coated acrylic plate.
6. Optical film with neutral color, won’t lead to color deviation.
7. Easy to apply on any materials, cut the size as your wish, no need to order coated windows in special size .
8. High cost performance, manufacture with industrial optical coating machine, high yield.
9. Long storage life.Single film roll package, keeps over 5 years in dry environment.

Application Field
Laser equipments’ operate protection, security, military, criminal investigation and other fields.
According to the different applications and processes, we supply anti-laser coating, anti-laser masterbatch, anti-laser additive, anti-laser film and so on.

Application Method
Step1: Prepare tools like kettle, non-woven cloth, plastic scraper, rubber scraper, knife.
Step2: Clean the window glass.
Step3: Cut the exact film size according to the glass.
Step4: Prepare installing liquid, add some neutral detergent into the water(shower gel will be better), spray on the glass.
Step5: Tear up the release film and stick the window film on the wet glass surface.
Step6: Protect the window film with the release film, remove the water and bubbles with the scraper.
Step7: Clean the surface with dry cloth, remove the release film, and install it.

Package and Storage
Packing: 1.52×30m/roll, 1.52×300m/roll(Size can be customized).
Storage: At a cool, dry and clean place.

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