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The anti-blue light window film works through the reflection and absorption of the blue light.On one hand, the nano particles of zinc oxide and titanium oxide are used to reflect and scatter the blue light; on the other hand, the organic blue light absorber is used to conduct optical absorption of the blue light. This product has good transparency, strong weather resistance and wide application.


Code: 2J-L410-PET50/23

Using layer thickness:60μm

Structure:1ply(BOPET Anti-Blue Light Base Film,non-coating)

Visible light transmission: ≥88%

UV blocking: ≥99%(200-410nm)


Adhesive: Pressure sensitive adhesive


1. High transparency.The visible light transmission reaches over 88% with optical raw materials.

2. High block rate. This film can block 99% UV and blue light below 410nm,it also can block 30%-99% wave between 400nm and 500nm(higher block rate,heavier color).

3. Long useful life with color that never fades. Adopt high quality base film and adhesive layer, won’t yellow, degum or lead bubbles, useful life reaches 10 years.

4. Safe and anti-explosion. The good adhesive of film will stick on the glass tightly and protect safety.

5. Safe and protect the environment. Adopt non-toxic, harmless and environmental-friendly raw materials, no harmful gas, no discoloration, never fade.

6. Avoid the fading of interior decorative materials and improve the life of automobiles and furnitures.

7. Protect humans’ eyes and skin, and prevent the harm of UV and blue light.


-Used for building glass, such as shopping malls, schools, hospitals, business office, homes for UV and blue light protection.

-Used for automobiles, ships, aircrafts and other vehicle glasses’UV and blue light protection.

-Used for other fields that has the requirement of blocking UV and blue light.


Step1: Prepare tools like kettle, non-woven cloth, plastic scraper, rubber scraper, knife.

Step2: Clean the window glass.

Step3: Cut the exact film size according to the glass.

Step4: Prepare installing liquid, add some neutral detergent into the water(shower gel will be better), spray on the glass.

Step5: Tear up the release film and stick the window film on the wet glass surface.

Step6: Protect the window film with the release film, remove the water and bubbles with the scraper.

Step7: Clean the surface with dry cloth, remove the release film, and install it.

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