Heat Insulation Anti-Infrared Masterbatch

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This product is film-grade heat insulation and anti-infrared masterbatch, two types can be provided: high VLT, code CF-PET and low VLT, code S-PET. It can be used to produce 1~75% heat insulation and anti-infrared film or board by bi-axial stretching or injection molding, which can be used in the field of heat insulation, infrared blocking, UV protection etc.

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Product High VLT heat insulation Anti-IR Masterbatch Low VLT heat insulation Anti-IR Masterbatch

(base polymer customized)


(base polymer customized)

Appearance Blue black particles Black particles
Active material Tungsten oxide Tungsten vanadium tin antimony mixed metal oxide
Effective solid content (%) 6.0±0.2(800℃,3h) 6.0±0.2(800℃,3h)
Melting index (MI, dL/g) 10.0±2.0 10.2±2.0
Intrinsic viscosity (IV, g/10min) 0.60±0.05 0.58±0.05
Melting point (℃) 260±10 260±10
Moisture (%) ≤0.03 ≤0.03
Haze(%) ≤1 ≤1
Density(g/cm3 1.4 1.35
Weight of 100 particles(g) 1.8 1.34
Manu. Film or board VLT% ≥70 ≤50

Product Feature
The diameter of heat insulation particles is as low as 40 nm, good dispersion in plastics;
Film made by the masterbatch has good transparency, haze less than 1%;
Good compatibility, stable performance, no particles precipitation;
Strong weather resistance, no decay of function due to using of pure inorganic materials;
High IR blocking rate, IR blocking rate (800~2500nm) reaches more than 99%;
Safe and environment friendly, no toxic and harmful substances.

Application Field
It is used for the development of heat insulation, infrared shielding, UV protection film or board products, such as BOPET film, window film, PC sunshine board, greenhouse film, and so on.

*Window film. Heat insulation & IR blocking BOPET film is obtained through biaxial-oriented stretching technology, in that way, traditional coating process is simplified, and cost decreases significantly, but better quality;
*Sunshine board. Through extrusion process, heat insulation sunshine board are produced, used for building heat insulation and energy saving;
*Agricultural film. Through three-layer co-extrusion, heat insulation and UV-proof film is got, reduce transpiration, increases crop yield.

Application Method
According to optical parameters and product specifications required, check the reference table of dosage of the masterbatch, CF-PET and S-PET masterbatch can be used separately or by mixing with each other, and produce as the original process. We can supply many kinds of polymer materials, such as PET, PE, PC, PMMA, PVC, etc.

Package Storage
Packing: 25 kgs/bag.
Storage: in a cool, dry place.

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